About Us

Programify Ltd is a UK-based technical R&D company.

We provide science-based technical design, prototyping smart electronic devices and big-data processing services.

We also offer white-labelled Internet-based keyword search and web site crawl services.

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We have more than 30 years experience with developing systems that interface with major UK financial institutions and many other commercial enterprises. For example: Barclays Bank, Barclaycard, Royal Bank of Scotland, The Cooperative Bank, American Express (Europe) and Natwest Bank. As you can imagine, this implies a familiarity with the diligence and integrity required when handling large volumes of sensitive personal information.

Our experience also includes developing systems that interact with less well known operations in the UK debt collection industry such as Fair Isaac's Placements Plus, Experian, Equifax, Call Credit, TraceSmart and TDX.

Data security is core to our operating practices and we understand that it takes real-world experience to turn security standards, such as the ISO-27000 series, into practical systems.

To demonstrate our committment to a professional approach we have developed an extensive CSV file format standard which we hope will promote best practices in the field of business-to-business data exchange.

About You

The nature of our services means that your role could be anyone of the following:

  • Artist (Installations)

  • Business Intelligence Analyst

  • Business Systems Architect

  • Product Design Consultant

  • Freelance Systems Developer

  • Independant Software Vendor

  • Inventor

  • IT Support Staff

  • IT Systems Integrator

  • Senior Credit Controller

  • Trace Department Manager

  • Value Added Reseller of Software

You will have plenty of ideas about things you want to create, but you lack the technical knowledge to know if it's possible let alone how to build such a thing. So, let us clearly state up front that the answer to all such technical questions is "Yes", as ever it's only a matter of time and money.

You'll probably want to know that we can offer a tailored SLA, and we can even work with you to develop a private cloud supporting your own ultra-secure WolfCluster parallel compute facility if needed.

You might even want to try our data services on a free trial basis and perhaps only continue on a pay-as-you-go basis without having to subscribe to anything.

In time, you might want to firm up our relationship a little more. So we can offer a subscription-based service level agreement to suit your individual budget or volume of business.

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