Data Products

Our data products are intended for professional IT developers with a business head on their shoulders. These files are ideal for intelligent mashups and infographics. Use them as a starting point to develop your own in-house 'Privileged Data Assets'.

You may use our 'paid-for' data products in any number of in-house projects subject to a non-disclosure agreement.


UK DCA Companies

Industry Sector Information (Infographics)

A database of more than 320 Debt Collection and Tracing Agencies in the United Kingdom. The data includes official name, company number, incorporation date, number of directors, primary contact details, web site addresses, and many have financial information where available.

This data cannot be used for selling or marketing purposes!

£ 125

UK Surnames

Business Process Decision Making

A 5-column CSV file containing 59,414 surnames found in the UK. Contains: Surname, Surname Length, Relative Frequency Score, USC1880 Soundex Key, and USC1880 Numeric Soundex Key.

This list is not exhaustive but can help identify invalid, unknown or rare surnames, and is also ideal when generating test data.

£ 55

UK Public Limited Companies

Basic PLC Information (March 2013)

Basic information for 8,212 registered Public Limited Companies as at 1 March 2013. This information has been compiled from the 1.34GB public dataset produced by Companies House and distributed by them for free.


CSV File Format Specification

A File Format Specification for B2B Operations

Software developers frequently complain that there is no CSV file format specification or standard.

Well there is, it's called CSV-1203 and it's a 30-page open standard.


UK Academic Websites Domain Names

A database of over 4,090 domain names in the UK Academic 2nd level domain "".

This CSV file took 20 minutes to generate by a single PC running the 'download' wolfie on our Wolf Cluster. The download application generates extensive information including IP addresses, download times, web page titles and MD5 hash codes that can be used to detect changes to each web page.


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