Hyball ROV Upgrades

The Hyball ROV is an underwater Remotely Operated Vehicle designed in the 1980's by Scottish company Hydrovision.

The Hyball is an inspection class ROV, ideal for locating submerged objects at depths of up to 300 metres.

Programify is a member of an expedition to locate various sunken vessels such as the Manila/Acapulco galleons in the Philippines, supporting the development of the Hyball's electronics and microcontroller software.

• Hyball ROV Upgrade


Postgraduate Projects

Programify can offer private tuition or group tutorials to postgraduates tailored to help them complete their specific projects and course assignments in the field of computer science, software engineering and electronics.

Our aim is not to cheat the student out of the hands-on experience of carrying out their projects, but to offer tailored tuition and expert guidance in software related projects.

Our in-house coding standard has been developed over the past 20 years, helping to eliminate the majority of software bugs at coding time.


  • Gesture-input ultrasonic-sensor array (like Kinect).

  • Measuring impact energy using accelerometers.

  • NFC-base class progress & attendance tracking.

High Altitude Balloon

Programify has been chosen to provide the technical support for and the developing of air pressure and temperature telemetry systems on-board CRM Storm's High Altitude Balloon (HAB).

The helium-filled balloon is intended to reach an altitude of at least 100,000 ft above sea level where temperatures are approximately -50°C. A place where the atmosphere is as thin as that on the surface of Mars.

Two special purpose ultra-low pressure sensors (for estimating the altitude) and two low-temperature thermocouples are monitored by an Arduino, and their readings displayed on an OLED matrix display and recorded on HD video.

Other actions are initiated by the Arduino based on the estimated altitude.

• High Altitude Balloon



















Robotic Suitcase

The Robotic Suitcase project has been commissioned by an up and coming student of fine art at one of London's leading universities.

The initial version must integrate robot mechanics with the ABS plastic shell of the suitcase and respond to remote control commands via radio.

The robot is powered by a modified Rover 5 chassis and is controlled internally by an Arduino. The robot also contains an MP3 player, amplifier and loudspeaker.

• The Robotic Suitcase


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