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We can't tell you everything we're involved with due to on-going NDAs.
But every now and again we have some time to show and tell.

PCB Design

18 APR 2022

Our current project is to develop more advanced means of monitoring patient safety. We're using several off-the-shelf modules to get this prototype up and running fast.

The ATI Fusion Bridge connects sensors over high security PoE network infrastructure. The PCB handles two low voltage compute modules and high current 12VDC to run security equipment. We expose the tracks so extra solder will greatly improve its power handling ability. We've also paid attention to ground plane placement to minimize transients from connected equipment.

Research & Development

31 JAN 2022

We've written some R&D code that stonewalls every single attempt to hack into our servers. It's true that they're mostly automated bots but it's impossible for hackers to craft an HTTP request that will get past our load-balancing reverse-proxy server. Unless we want them to... honeypots etc.

Meanwhile, all our honest visitors can access this website as normal.

Dual Fan Assembly

11 OCT 2021

3D model of dual 120mm fan controller with temperature sensors. For use in our inverter systems and comms cabinets.