Programify can undertake research into the adoption and application of new technologies such as mmWave radar, IIoT and machine learning.


Unbreakable Encryption

We are developing an IIoT embedded system module capable of encrypting communication channels and control lines.

Our encryption scheme is intended to be unbreakable by any known means, including but not limited to quantum computing, brute-force, current cryptanalytic techniques or devices.

Remote hacking will become technically infeasible, forcing bad actors to attack in person at either end of the data pipeline where physical security measures should in place to prevent unauthorized access.


Natural Language Comprehension

We are currently undertaking private research into low-energy natural language comprehension, including semantic reasoning and the design of a synthetic consciousness.

Two goals are to develop systems that perform automated high speed knowledge-based research and discovery and to predict events within complex economic and geopolitical scenarios for commercial gain.

Our state-of-the-art AI software research work is classified as commercially sensitive. So we don't publish papers and we don't file for patents nor will we release the software. However, we are happy to give talks on the direction, purpose and likely impact of our project.