Welcome to Programify

Programify Ltd is an IT-based technical design consultancy whose main operations concern software research and development and frequently specializing in prototypes that require embedded Atmel AVR microcontrollers.

Online Store

Programify's online store offers installation artists, product designers and prototypers a tool for configuring their own precursor system containing the sensors, processors, output, and controlling logic without the need for in-depth software or hardware knowledge.

Our precursory systems greatly simplify the process of getting your hands on a basic working prototype. All the library code to operate sensors and various outputs is provided including a central application which work out of the box.

IT Research & Development

Programify can carry out R&D for products or services that require proof-of-concept, validation or blue-sky research into new methods of data processing or hardware device control.

Hardware Prototyping

Convert your electronic product ideas into physical reality. Using low-cost commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) modules as a starting point, delivering customised working demonstration prototypes.


  • IT Research & Development

  • Technical Consulting

  • Arduino Prototyping Development

  • Intel® Galileo Prototyping Development

  • Software Controlled Hardware Prototyping

  • Automated Internet Search Facility

  • Automated Website Surveillance

  • Parallel Processing Facility

  • UK-based Data Processing Servers

  • UK ICO DPA Registered

  • No Lengthy Contracts

  • Service Level Agreements Available through Negotiation

  • Joint Non-Disclosure Agreements Available through Negotiation


21 Sep
Developing the Programify Webstore
We think you'll like what we are planning to offer in our store. Please watch this space...

25 Apr
Developing the Arduino Shield
A custom Arduino shield keeps things tidy and practical. (Punchbag Accelerometer Project)

24 Apr
Developing the Windows GUI
A simple Windows application. (Punchbag Accelerometer Project)

23 Apr
Reading the Accelerometer
A simple data structure holds the key to continuous monitoring. (Punchbag Accelerometer Project)

21 Apr
New Project: Punchbag Accelerometer
A project to measure the impact force in 3D.

22 Mar
Joining Suitcase to Robot Base
Perhaps the biggest design challenge was how to join a curved semi-rigid polymer suitcase to a rigid robot base that moves. (Robotic Suitcase Project)

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